• Paula Jane Newman

    Paula has an extensive career in all aspects of the entertainment industry - on camera actor, improv performer, voice over artist, a theatrically trained actress in addition to stand up comedian. She is also a world traveled meditation instructor and inspirational/motivational speaker. Born and raised in the U.K., with relatives in Wales, Scotland, NZ and Australia & well traveled from a young age - accents came easy. She has worked on over 100 TV/Film projects, performed at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Nevada Shakespeare Festival, The Comedy Store - Hollywood, The Laugh Factory - Hollywood, House of Comedy Arizona, Flappers Comedy Club, The Comedy Chateau, The Hollywood and Pasadena Comedy, to list a few. She is known for her clean comedy, with a fun British silly point of view infused with inspirational gems, various voices and wisdom. She learned meditation to cope with living in physical pain from a computer injury and became a teacher and founder of a new global nonprofit to bring underrepresented groups in the wellness community options other than relying on opioids or opiates to live life. She hosts Cosmic Chats on YouTube asking mind-bending and philosophical questions in a fun and relaxing format. She is a regular on the WOLF app as a game show comedy celebrity guest. Her base is Los Angeles, but landed in the SF Bay Area as a teenager because England was too cold for her. Her British wit and life experiences infuse down to earth, compassionate and wise elements in all her work. She has a home set up for remote gigs, travels for conventions, & shows, has a bunch of tweens following her on TikTok (she used to teach kids comedy/storytelling and improv), is a graduate of the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama and has a laugh you'll pay to have at any of your events.

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    Acting Reel

    Pirates of the Caribbean

    and more.


    A Whee Clip from Flappers Comedy Club

    Animation/Video Game

    Jewish Mother, Vocal Fry Girl, Russian Militant, Welsh Prophet, Kids, Newsreporter and 10 more!

    Zombies/Gorilla Voices

    Zombie and Creature Sounds

    Commercial V/O Demo

    BBC News Reporter

    Fosters -Australian

    Chevy Baretta Girl (US)

    Irish - Killarneys

    Expedia - Funny Brit

    French - Chevy

    Other Accents Avail;

    Scottish, South African, French, German, Welsh

  • Meditation, Manifestation & Inspiration

    Paula's appeared on ABC's, "Celebrity Wife Swap", as George Hamilton & Alana Stewart's meditation teacher. She's been spotlighted on Good Day Sacramento, national podcasts, recovery conventions, business conferences, schools as a motivational speaker, comedy talent, lecturer, teacher or all!

    The non profit fundraiser ebook with REAL stories from Vedic Meditators all over the globe. It describes the history of the practice, the benefits and impact stories. Stories are predominantly from those in underrepresented groups sharing heart rending and remarkable changes in their lives as a result of the practice. Your mouth will drop to the floor and your heart open. Do you believe meditation won't work for you? Neither could any of the these people.

    A fun, appealing, entertaining and mentally intriguing YouTube Chat Show asking entertainers, CEO's, Business peeps and philanthropists mind bending questions. Leaving the viewer thinking about the conversations days afterwards Mind-bending questions are asked giving wonderful mindful answers as to each individuals' perception in the world based on childhood ideology, social constructs and how they overcame them or learned from them.

    We are a unique nonprofit organization providing individuals, businesses and families (no cost for children) with practical self-sufficient stress reduction services, including Vedic Meditation for sustainable mental and physical health wellness worldwide.


    Paula hosts Creative Visualization Workshops - the Soul's Desire for all via Zoom and in person.

    Practical and simple techniques are taught to tap into this ancient practice with no nonsense and realistic goals.

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