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    Paula is known as the, "Real Deal". She couldn't be fake if an Oscar depended on it.

    She is a clean comic, voice over/improv artist, a theatrically trained actress in addition to a world traveled meditation instructor and inspirational/motivational speaker.


    Her clean comedy is infused with wisdom,

    inspirational gems, various voices, silliness and

    act outs that do deserve an Oscar.


    A chronic pain warrior of 20+ years, her

    Dark Decade of the Soul, as she refers to it,

    shifted her life perspective forever.

    "It wasn't my body that was the problem it was my mind".


    She learned meditation to cope with living in physical pain from a computer injury. She became a teacher and founded a new global nonprofit to bring stress reduction techniques to low/er income underrepresented groups in the wellness community.

  • Comedy, Inspiration & Motivation

    Video Clips

    Flappers Comedy Club - 5 Mins of Silly Fun

    Silly clean comedy set at Flappers Comedy Club in Los Angeles, CA. Being a Brit in America. Wait till the end for the funniest Adele act out!


    Crowdwork on Stage

    Paula is pretty energetic on stage. Enjoy this fun 1 min clip having American audiences try her English Accent at 3E's Comedy Club in Colorado.


    Chronic Pain & Pain Therapies - Inspirational Talk

    Enjoy a 2 min clip from her inspirational talk. Learn about her diagnosis, feeling like she got the wrong body and the never ending pain therapies. All fused with some laughter. Performed in August 2022.

    We fuse comedy, a non profit cause & the local community into one tailored event. Our purpose is to uplift all involved. Whether it's the talent, audience, staff and the space with clean (ish) comedy. We aim to shift the negative consciousness in comedy while rising up new talent in a safe and non toxic environment. Be who you are!

    Whether it is for a small community event, corporate clean or large fundraiser we work to bring out the best for everyone. Check out the Video

    Paula's appeared on ABC's, "Celebrity Wife Swap", as George Hamilton & Alana Stewart's meditation teacher. She's been spotlighted on Good Day Sacramento, Loving, Living Local, KCRW, national podcasts, recovery conventions, business conferences, schools as a motivational speaker, comedy talent, lecturer, teacher or all!

    A fun, appealing, entertaining and mentally intriguing YouTube Chat Show asking entertainers, CEO's, Business peeps and philanthropists mind bending questions. Leaving the viewer thinking about the conversations days afterwards. Mind-bending questions are asked giving wonderful mindful answers as to each individuals' perception in the world based on childhood ideology, social constructs and how they overcame or learned from them.

    The non profit fundraiser ebook with REAL stories from Vedic Meditators all over the globe. It describes the history of the practice, the benefits and impact stories. Stories are predominantly from those in underrepresented groups sharing heart rending and remarkable changes in their lives as a result of the practice. Your mouth will drop to the floor and your heart open. Do you believe meditation won't work for you? Neither could any of the these people.

    A unique nonprofit organization providing individuals, businesses and families (no cost for children) with practical self-sufficient stress reduction services, including Vedic Meditation for sustainable mental and physical health wellness worldwide.

    Paula hosts Creative Visualization Workshops - the Soul's Calling. Most Creative Visualization workshops are actually goal setting practices for material gain. It is not everyone's path to be rich and famous. Finding internal fulfillment/happiness is! Learn the true secret to access the Soul's desire.

  • Paula's Bio


    Paula has performed on line ups including Margaret Cho, Darrell Hammond (Saturday Night Live) and on Los Angeles stages such as The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, Flappers, The Comedy Chateau. Regionally she has hit the famous House of Comedy and 3E's Comedy Club. She loves to MC especially charity events where we are all working for a higher cause. Her brand Rise Up Comedy is touring to raise mental health awareness and bring comedy with a message in a clean comedy forum.


    She has worked on over 100 tv/movies as either a voice talent or on camera. She is an improv artist originating in the U.K. performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Groundlings Theatre (Los Angeles) and a prior member of TheatreSports Pittsburgh. You may have caught her on local Los Angeles stages, Nevada Shakespeare Festival and more. She is a trained theatre professional from Carnegie Mellon School of Drama.

    Meditation Teaching/Inspirational Speaker

    She is a chronic pain warrior for over 20 years and sought meditation after experiencing a work-related injury due to repetitive computer/office work as an alternative to long term pain management without using pharmaceutical drugs. Her training took over 6,500 hours including spending time in Rishikesh, India. She is a Vinyasa trained Yoga instructor. She has appeared as on CBS’ GoodDay Sacramento, ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap (as George Hamilton’s meditation teacher), to name a few media highlights. She has spoken at sobriety conventions, pain management centers, Rotary Clubs and businesses. She was invited to the Cambridge University Press’ Bio Ethics in Education conference to workshop Getting to Yes with medical students and doctors regarding prejudice within the medical field of BIPoC patients but COVID happened.


    Acting Reel

    Pirates of the Caribbean

    and more.

    Animation/Video Game

    Jewish Mother, Vocal Fry Girl, Russian Militant, Welsh Prophet, Kids, Newsreporter and 10 more!

    Zombies/Gorilla Voices

    All Paula - it's freaky!

    Commercial V/O Demo

    BBC News Reporter Fosters -Australian

    Chevy Baretta Girl (US) Irish - Killarneys. Other Accents; Scottish, South African, French, German, Welsh

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